Vinny Lunar is an artist reborn. 


The Indian-Australian musician writes, records and produces music that seamlessly fuses RnB, electronica, and South-Asian melodies. His music tip his hat to an eclectic range of influences ranging from Motown soul and modern R&B, to the iconic film scores of AR Rahman that characterized Bollywood’s 90s musical renaissance. 


Vinny’s culturally fluidity and versatile ear allows his music to shatter stereotypes and mainstream narratives about what it means to be South Asian. As a musician who was born in Hyderabad, India and who has lived in Australia, Germany and Sweden, Vinny’s new sound displays the strength of a culturally diverse identity and an adventurous artist willing to take risks to define himself on his own terms. Vinny’s natural status as an outsider with a chameleonic taste in music makes him equally comfortable at a Tame Impala, James Blake or Erykah Badu concert. Embracing his third culture identity, he effortlessly switches in and out of different languages in his releases, cleverly dancing between his native tongue Telugu, Hindi and English in his new releases. Switching up from dulcet R&B melodies to hard-hitting hip hop flows, Vinny Lunar’s latest songs evoke his Indian heritage with a tasty modern twist. 


His recent release, “Prema,” represents a pivotal and natural shift both in sound and creating an affinity towards his motherland. After a series of R&B and electro-tinged releases spanning from 2013, his new music speaks honestly about his cultural upbringing with pride. Coming full circle, the endless array of film and Hindustani cassette tapes that characterized long drives during his childhood are now enmeshed into his sonic DNA.


Adapting. Evolving. Assuming form. Vinny Lunar is more confident and evolved than ever before. Stay tuned. 

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